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Parking Rules
These parking rules are subject to change at any time to align the rules with the needs of the community. A 30-day notice of all changes will be provided by the Board to homeowners via electronic and/or written communication
    1. NO PARKING IN FIRE LANES at any time.  By mandate of the DC Fire Marshal's office, everyone must observe fire lane restrictions.
    2. Both sides of all alleyways, the entire north side of Winfield Lane heading west and the east sides of the 36th and 37th St extensions are designated as fire lanes (The Fire Lane & Parking Map).
    3. NO parking within 25 feet of the approach side of any “STOP” sign.
    4. NO parking of a vehicle across a garage or parking pad, including your own residence.
    5. Vehicles must park parallel to and within 12 inches of the right-hand curb, facing in the direction of traffic flow. (This is in accordance with DC parking regulations because Winfield Lane has two-way traffic).
    6. Vehicles may extend from private driveways/parking pads onto Winfield Lane for safety purposes only – steep driveways during snow and icy conditions.
    7. No residents’ trucks, pickup trucks, RVs, boats, commercial vans, taxi cabs, trailers, campers, motorcycles, motorized bikes, motor scooters, rideshare vehicles/scooters/mopeds or non-traditional bikes are to be parked on Winfield Lane or on parking pads/driveways.
    8. The gate at the intersection of the 36th St. extension and Reservoir Rd. is not to be used for routine thru traffic. This gate should remain closed except when opened by emergency personnel.
Parking on Winfield Lane in the 16 designated locations is by permit (“parking hang tag”) ONLY.
Guiding Principle:
No resident of Cloisters West (CW) or their guests may use one of the 16 designated permit parking spaces along Winfield Lane as an extended or permanent “third parking space.”  Each CW resident is fortunate to have two dedicated parking spaces: a garage and a parking pad/driveway. The 16 designated parking spaces on Winfield Lane are for all 109 homes to use equally and fairly, primarily for guests and service personnel on an as-needed basis. 
    1. One (1) moveable, plastic parking permit hang tag will be issued per household only when: (1) your CWHOA account has no outstanding balance; and (2) all household vehicles are registered with the Property Manager.  Registering of household vehicles is necessary to prevent avoidable vehicle towing and is only used for this purpose.
    2. Parking stickers with the current parking year (e.g. 2022-2023) will be issued each year at the June annual homeowner meeting. These will be placed over the previous years noted on the parking hang tag. Each sticker will be valid from July 1st of the first listed year through June 30th of the second listed year.  Hang tags with a date prior to the current fiscal year (June 30th) will be considered an expired parking permit hang tag.
    3. Residents who preemptively move their car to vacate their parking pad for an anticipated guest or service personnel can park their car on 35th St., Reservoir Road, etc,.  Residents may use a parking hang tag in a permit parking spot for their own vehicle to accommodate a guest or service vehicle, but its use is subject to the conditions stated below. For these purposes, a “guest” is defined as someone who does not use a Cloisters West address for their primary residence and whose car is not registered with the Property Manager.
    4. A household’s parking permit hang tag is to be displayed in clear view, hanging from the rearview mirror with the house number facing out, or placed on the front dashboard, driver side.  A vehicle with a hang tag that is damaged or not easily visible is subject to ticketing.  Please contact the Property Manager immediately for a replacement parking hang tag if your current one is damaged.
    5. For safety purposes, remove the parking hang tag before the vehicle is in motion.
    6. Lost parking hang tags can be replaced by purchase from the Property Manager, who will mark it as a “replacement,” thereby voiding the prior parking hang tag.  The initial replacement fee is $100. This fee is $200 for the 2nd replacement and $300 for the 3rd replacement. After 3 hang tag replacement requests have been made in a 12-month period, a 4th hang tag will not be issued until the next annual meeting or upon further review by the CWHOA Board.
    7. A household that uses permit parking spaces on more than two occasions in one week (Sun-Sat) may be issued a Notice of Warning.
  1. Use of the parking hang tag by a household includes all cars registered to the household and any of their "guests" who have been given the hang tag to use.
  2. Household and "guests" use of the parking hang tag in different permit parking spaces counts towards the limit of two occasions. 
  3. A CW-registered car in a permit parking space that is not displaying its parking hang tag will count as use of a permit parking space by the household.
  4. Three household Notices of Warning within a calendar quarter will be considered “use of a permit parking space as a 3rd parking space” and may, at the discretion of the CWHOA Board, lead to revocation of the parking hang tag for the remainder of that calendar quarter.
  5. Notice of Warnings do not have a monetary fine, but are documented by the Property Manager. 
    1. Households with special, short-term situations may submit a (Short-Term Extended Permit Parking Request Form) to the CW Property Manager at least three days prior to the dates needed. Each request will be considered for a short-term exception to these rules and, if approved, will be given a temporary pass to be visible at all times on the front dashboard, driver side. “Special situations” do not include the following: sloped driveways, attached garages, inconvenience, garages used for storage, large cars, etc. Additionally, it does not guarantee a particular space of the 16 available.
    1. Parking enforcement will be conducted by an independent third-party monitor (security company, independent individual or property management company) to ensure consistent and standardized practices, reduce bias and promote neighborly relations.
    2. To ensure compliance with parking rules, enforcement of all 16 spaces will be at random, unannounced, and at frequent intervals throughout the week.
    1. Any vehicles parked in a Fire Lane or within 25 feet of the approach side of any "STOP" sign are subject to CW ticketing by our third-party monitor or Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) ticketing and potential towing without notice.
    2. A Household's failure to comply with Parking and Traffic Rules 4 thru 8 is subject to warning, CW ticketing, towing and revocation of their parking hang tag.
    3. If a vehicle is not registered with GH and does not have a current and visible parking permit hang tag, it is subject to towing from a permit parking space without notice.
    4. Households that fail to register all their vehicles with GH will be subject to a penalty that may include revocation of their parking hang tag.
    5. Households that continue to use permit parking spaces after their parking hang tag has been revoked will be subject to CW ticketing, with monetary fines as follows:
      1. 1st offense in the current hang tag year: $50
      2. 2nd offense in the current hang tag year: $100
      3. 3rd and subsequent offenses in the current hang tag year: $300
      4. Following a 4th offense in the current hang tag year, the parking hang tag may, at the discretion of the CWHOA Board, be revoked for the remaining quarters of the hang tag year.
    1. Use of counterfeit or tampered parking hang tags / temporary passes may lead to revocation of parking hang tags at the discretion of the CWHOA Board.
    2. Households cannot sell or indefinitely loan a parking hang tag to a person in another household, and this activity may lead to the revocation of the parking hang tag at the discretion of the CWHOA Board.
    3. A homeowner may submit a written appeal to the CWHOA Board regarding a parking hang tag revocation, which will require a Board vote for final determination. Prior history of CW parking violations, as well as open covenants violations and CWHOA account balances, will be factored into the Board’s decision of an appeal.
The above Parking Rules were reviewed and approved by the Board on May 17, 2023