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Please review the following list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you do not see your issue addressed below, please email with your question or concern. 
I lost or need to replace my mailbox key.
  • The CWHOA does not have copies of any mailbox keys and your lock will need to be replaced.
  • Replacing the mailbox lock is a homeowner responsibility that can be done only:
  1. When the USPS mail carrier is present so that the master door is open; or
  2. By hiring a locksmith, who will drill through the current lock (which doesn’t require the master door to be open).
  • You will need to buy a replacement lock. Here is a link to our local ACE Hardware in Glover Park.
  • If you are considering doing the replacement yourself, we suggest that you first watch a YouTube video on changing a mailbox lock. While the video shows the lock being replaced in two minutes, it will likely take a homeowner 5-10 minutes.
  • You only need a pair of plyers to change the lock. (In the YouTube video, the person also uses a separate tool to remove a nut, but this can also be done with the plyers.)
  • The new lock packaging comes with different sizes of “shims” (referred to as “cams” in the video), which will hold the lock tightly in place. It is important to use the shim marked “30”. Sliding the shim into place is often the hardest part of this task.
  • Historically, there was a system in place for the CW HOA to directly notify the letter carrier of the need to change a lock that day. The letter carrier then alerted the HOA as to when the master door would be open on that day. The owner then changed the lock while the letter carrier was sorting the mail. Currently, USPS is reassigning a new letter carrier to CW, but that has not been done yet. Accordingly, a homeowner must wait for the letter carrier to arrive. Once a permanent letter carrier has been assigned, we will update this site with additional information on how to coordinate with USPS.
  • If you need assistance with the replacement, there may be a way for a current resident with lock-changing experience to assist. Let the CW board know (  if you need assistance, but this help is not guaranteed to be available. 
I have a lost or missing package.
  • The HOA does NOT have keys to the large mailbox doors in each mailbox block, nor are they used by mail carriers.
  • Check with your neighbors or others in the community with similar addresses (i.e., 3620 Reservoir Rd vs 3620 Winfield Ln). A package may have been delivered to a neighbor accidentally and they may deliver it or contact you to arrange drop off.
  • Check around your property including shrubs, back yard, front yard and parking pads.
  • Contact delivery carriers or sender to initiate the process for handling lost packages.
I need a recommendation for a contractor/household services.
My Comcast internet/cable is slow/not working.
  • Unfortunately, the HOA cannot help with immediate needs for loss of service.  Individual homeowners will need to call Comcast to arrange for a service visit to address the issue.  
  • You can check for local Comcast outages and troubleshooting here.
  • CWHOA is working with Comcast corporate representatives to help address the chronic, widespread issues with service in our neighborhood, but this will not help you in the immediate short-term.
Someone has parked my driveway in.
  • If someone has blocked your personal driveway/parking pad, check to see if they have a CWHOA hang tag displaying their address to ask them to move their car OR you may report the issue to the Mayor’s CityWide Call Center at 311. Additionally, ABC Towing can be contacted at (202) 338-2222.
I've lost my parking hang tag and need a new one.
  • Lost medallions can be replaced by purchase from the Property Manager, who marks it as a “replacement”, thereby voiding the prior medallion. The initial replacement fee is $100.  Please see Parking Rules on Homepage for replacement fees and procedures.
  • Please email Juliet Amorighoye at to initiate the process.
How do I get involved with the Cloisters West Homeowners Association and/or creating change in our community?
  • The CWHOA welcomes community involvement!  If you would like more information about serving on a committee or running for an office position please email
I want to change something on the exterior of my home.  How do I proceed?
  • For any exterior changes to the home, you must complete an exterior change request form (located under forms tab) and email the completed form to Once it is received by the board we will follow up with next steps.
  • Please be mindful of covenant rules regarding exterior changes and do not hesitate to email us if you have questions or concerns.
  • There is no need for submitting an exterior change request form when you repair/replace like-for-like.
My neighbors are making excessive noise.
CW is a community made up largely of homeowners who live in CW as their
primary residence, many of whom have demanding jobs and/or small children
in school. Living in a townhome community with residents living very close to
one another, sound easily carries. Within the District, in a residential area, the
maximum daytime noise level is not to exceed 60db and in the evening not to
exceed 55db.
For reference, 60db is equivalent to a conversation between two
people and 55db is equivalent to moderate rainfall or the hum of a kitchen
refrigerator (see the chart below).
Below are some resources for residents who may be affected by parties in the
future. Additionally, please keep in mind that violations of any portion of the
Noise Control Act are punishable by a fine up to $1,000 and/or up to 10 days in
at the discretion of the Metropolitan Police Department. Furthermore,
please reference the Homeowners' Handbook-page 7 if you would like
additional information regarding the CWHOA Excessive Noise Policy
Quiet Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10PM-8AM
Weekends & Holidays: Midnight-8AM
  • The Student Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP) is available 10PM-3AM Thursday-Saturday night throughout the academic year.  In early fall and late spring they run additional shifts from 5PM-10PM.  Georgetown University (GU) staff members compose the SNAP team and patrol the Georgetown neighborhoods in clearly labeled SNAP cars.  They will respond to any student house concerns, address the issue and provide a report to the University Office of Student Conduct.  Any student or neighbor may use the service.  If SNAP is called and GU students aren't involved, the University will call the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to resolve the issue.
    • Contact the SNAP 24/7 Helpline at (202) 687-8413
  • The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)
    • MPD Non-Emergencies call 3-1-1.
    • Non-Emergencies include, but aren't limited to: Music, barking animals, disabled vehicles, traffic complaints, vandalism, property damage, etc.
How do I enroll in autopay for my HOA dues?
  • Please click HERE for more information on autopay.  This is the preferred method of payment for HOA dues.
I found/saw a domestic or wild animal that is in need, danger or you believe is rabid.
  • Immediately call the Humane Rescue Alliance at 202-723-5730.
  • If you witnessed or were a victim to an animal attack/bite, seek medical care immediately. 
I want to remove a tree or have a tree trimmed. Is that my responsibility or an HOA
The District has very strict arborist rules and regulations. Please reference the DDOT
Department of Urban Forestry website
for more information. Permits must be obtained
under several circumstances, which requires evaluation by the DC Arborist who will make
an on-site visit to assess the tree. If you would like to request the planting, removal or
trimming of a public tree, you can request these services on the 311 website.
Additionally, it is paramount to have Misc. Utilities marked prior to the removal of any tree
since there are so many water, electrical, cable and gas lines under the ground. Most
reputable tree care vendors take this safety precaution, but it is wise to confirm this with
them prior to removal.
Regarding planting new trees on your property, the Board advises you to consider the
mature height and width of the tree, whether it has invasive roots/is good to be planted
close to structures, whether it is disease resistant, adaptable to climate and sunlight
requirements. Please keep in mind that the ideal time to plant a tree is in Fall or early
Spring due to watering requirements.

All trees on front yards, back yards, side yards and the small strip of land closest to
Winfield Lane are private homeowner trees. They are the responsibility of the
homeowner to maintain. The trees within the wrought iron landscape fencing along
Reservoir Rd by the 36th and 37th St entrances are HOA property. Additionally, the trees
in the 36th St. grassy area between 3576W and 3600W are HOA property. Lastly, the
trees in the alleys between garages are HOA property. The HOA will maintain all HOA
property trees.

A homeowner cannot remove a hardwood tree from their personal property without the
written permission from the Board as outlined in our Governing Documents. Please
email if you have any questions or concerns regarding an
HOA tree health, care or maintenance.