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Covenants Guidelines
The guidelines governing our HOA are described in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Cloisters West Homeowners Association, available here on the website.  
The CWHOA Board relies upon the good sense and judgement of fellow homeowners both in decorative choices and maintenance; therefore, the Board anticipates that each homeowner will maintain the exterior of their homes according to our community standards.  The Board endorses a restrained approach to inspection of house maintenance; a strict and  punitive approach is eschewed.  In the event that an egregious situation develops where maintenance has been disregarded, the Board will take remedial action beginning with a reminder notice from the management company to repair/replace.
The Property Management Company under direction of the CWHOA Covenants Committee will inspect periodically /on a quarterly basis the exterior of CW properties to ensure that they comply with community Covenants guidelines.  So that homeowners are aware of the areas requiring maintenance, below is a summary. 
Do I need to request approval for exterior changes to my property?
Repainting with the exact color that was previously applied and is on the (McCormick Paint Colors) palette does not require approval.  In general, if an item is being replaced with another of the same color, size and style, etc. approval is not required.  If in doubt, please contact the Property Manager.
All other changes (such as paint color change, solar panel installation, window replacements, window flower boxes, addition of storm doors or shutters and so on) require submission of the (Exterior Change Request Form) to the Property Manager and Board for approval.  No vendor contracts should be signed prior to notification of approval of the exterior change request. 
When is my property reviewed?
General upkeep reviews occur on a quarterly basis throughout the year when the Property Manager and Covenants Chair conduct a walkthrough.  If remedial repair is necessary, the Property Manager will send you an email.
What is being reviewed?
The exterior of the home is being evaluated for appearance, overall condition and compliance with the Covenants. 
The Board anticipates that the following areas will be well maintained and in good repair and working order as required by the Covenants:
1.  Roof
2.  Paint 
3.  Soffit and Fascia (including end caps)
4.  Gutters
5.  Downspouts
6.  Exterior Vents
7.  Shutters (if present on house)
8.  Exterior Wood
9.  Masonry, including correct brick color and type 
10. Wrought Iron Handrails / Juliette Balconies 
11. Doors
12. Storm Doors
13.  Garage Door
14.  Patio Gate
15.  Windows and window screens
16.  Cabling / Wiring
17.  Parking Pads
18.  Light Fixtures
House Numbers (front and back) must be compliant with DC law: numerals not less than 3” in height and not less than 2” in width so as to be easily read
Trees: No sound hardwood trees are to be removed without written Board approval; removing dead trees should follow the CC Arborist guidelines for trimming and removal
Review and Approval of the CWHOA Board 14 July 2023