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Welcome to Cloisters West. Our tree-lined community, situated in the northwest corner of historic Georgetown, is comprised of one hundred and nine federal-style townhouses built between 1985 and 1988. We are joined on the east by the twenty-nine-townhouse community called The Cloisters of Georgetown.  Although the two communities are separate entities, we are known collectively as The Cloisters.

A private lane, Winfield Lane, runs through Cloisters West and all our homes, except those facing Reservoir Road, have a Winfield Lane address. Access to our community is from 37th Street and Reservoir Road, NW or via 35th Street NW where Winfield Lane T-intersects with 35th Street just south of Reservoir Road. The entrance at 36th Street and Reservoir Road is closed. It is only opened for emergency vehicles. Georgetown University is to our west, and Georgetown Visitation Preparatory is to our south. 

Our community is incorporated as a homeowners association. We share roadways and certain landscaped areas in common. Our official name is the Cloisters West Homeowner's Association (CWHOA). We have a governing board of five members elected from among the homeowners. Our property management company, Gates Hudson Community Management, assists the board. 
How to access the CWHOA Members Only Section.

Need household services/maintenance and contractor recommendations?
Posted on Sep 30th, 2021
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Do you have topics you would like the board to discuss or would you like to directly address the board?
Posted on Sep 16th, 2021
  • Click here to see our meeting schedule through June 2022.
  • For any issue that you would like the board to consider or if you would like to directly address the board, please email no less than 48 hours prior to any upcoming board meeting. Please provide a written narrative of the topic and your concerns/suggestions. If you request to attend a meeting, you will receive a zoom link prior to the event.  All discussion topic responses from the Board will be reported in summary form in the minutes for that meeting (posted here). In some instances, we may directly message the person making the request as well.
Check out our "Calendar of Events" page to see upcoming dates of interest for board meetings, community maintenance/construction, social events, etc.
Revised Trash Policies:
  1. Trash and recycling bins are to be placed outside only on the mornings of scheduled pickup days.
  2. Trash and recyclables must be enclosed in lidded trash or recycling bins. Do not leave trash in plastic bags or any container that is not a lidded bin. 
  3. Trash and recycling bins must be returned to your garage by the end of collection day.
The Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget Updates
  • FY21 Net Surplus $12,000 (net of income/expenses for the fiscal year)
  • June 30 Net Assets $65,000 (cumulative results of each year’s net income/loss; equivalent to a for-profit Equity)
  • FY21 Replacement Reserve Contribution* $75,000 (amount of cash transferred for the fiscal year)
  • June 30 Replacement Reserve Balance* $340,000 (cumulative cash set aside for infrastructure replacement)
* amounts are consistent with Replacement Reserve Study recommendation from July 2020
  • Other: Monthly Dues raised to $215 
  • Click here for more financial details

Upcoming Events
Volta Park Market
Friday, October 29th to Friday, December 17th
  • Runs every Friday Sept 10 to Dec 17 from 3 - 6 PM
  • Open air market for fresh produce and prepared food from local farmers and purveyors
  • Visit the website:
Georgetown GLOW
Monday, December 6th to Wednesday, January 5th, 5-10 PM
  • Free, outdoor public light art exhibition by local and international artists.